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Phenomenon of Hormesis

A natural phenomenon observes that any toxicological substance having certain toxic effect on human body, may be followed by opposite or compensatory effect if very small dose is used. Such a phenomenon is called as hormesis, observed by Southam and Ehrlich(1) in 1943. Hormesis is a frequently observed phenomenon that has been rigorously reported with precise dose-response curves.(2)  Similar phenomenon was observed and scientifically explored by a German researcher Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, where he experimented with a large number of medicinal substances to establish the empirical efficacy of what he called as the law of similia; the system thus evolved was called homeopathy. Hormesis and homeopathy have some relation, but they are not the same. There is also a large body of research that demonstrates these hormetic effects on aging, health, and resistance to severe stresses and diseases in human beings.(3)

The bioSimilia is an extension of the above phenomenon and the principle, where further pre-clinical and clinical studies have been conducted with some of the new medicinal substances by the inventor.

The examples include some interesting observations as under:

  1. Capsaicin produces pain and inflammation in physiological dose. The same substance when used in ultra dilute dose could demonstrate anti-inflammatory effect (4) as well as relief in pain. (5,6)
  2. Hydroquinone produces hypopigmentation and vitiligo by altering the process of melanogenesis. The same substance when administered to humans could activate melanogenesis and stimulate pigmentation in the vitiligo patches, in a good number of clinically treated cases. The effects of small dose of Hydroquinone has been also studied in humans. (7)
  3. Hepatitis C virus produces chronic inflammation and cancer of liver. A clinical human trial has demonstrated reduction in virus count in the cases of Hepatitis C infected patients, when the virus was used in ultra-dilute, potentised dose. (8)
  4. Similarly, when Hepatitis C virus was experimented in a laboratory model against the cancer cells, it inhibited the growth of cancer cells,(9) establishing the scientific evidence of the above stated principles.
  5. HIV virus in extremely small dose (potentised) has shown not only safe use but also potential effect against the HIV infection, by reducing the HIV virus count as well as by increasing the fighter CD4 cells in the responder group in the study.(10)

The inventor wishes to share his clinical experience with number of such medicinal substances based on his practice.


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