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The bioSimilia is an initiative to bring the benefits of ultra-minute nano-pharmacological substances to alleviate many disease conditions. Eminent physician cum researcher Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, has developed these new medications over two decades of research. All of them have undergone rigorous clinical studies in the actual clinic environment, many articles in peer-reviewed journals(1,2,3) have been published and several patents have been granted for this research.

The rationale

Substances capable of producing disease-like states in humans also have an ability to reduce or eliminate similar disease conditions, if administered in ultra-dilute or potentized form, as proposed by a German scientist Dr Samuel Hahnemann, MD, in 1796. This principle is called Similia in Latin, on which the concept of vaccination was also derived. This biological phenomenon is similar to hormesis. (4) The homeostatic or paradoxical response produced by the immunological system is also observed in the form of the rebound effect of many chemical-based drugs. The therapeutic application of this principle has proven potential in the treatment of various diseases.


The ultra-dilute, potentized preparations have been observed to be safe for human use over the last two centuries, due to the non-significant material or subatomic particles used in the medicines thus prepared. The process of potentisation which entails serial dilutions but through the exertion of rigorous force at every step activates the therapeutic efficacy of the source material. The latest research at one of the world’s most reputed institutions has demonstrated nanoparticles retained in such preparations. (5,6) Other highly significant research by molecular biologists has established an influence of such nanoparticles on health by way of effects on genes. (7) Many studies have shown the safety of such potentized form of treatment. The medicines used by bioSimilia have illustratively demonstrated the safety of such doses in human studies.

The Council Directive 92/73 of the European Communities (Article 7, para. 1) guarantees the harmlessness of drugs containing “no more than one part per 10000 of the mother tincture or more than one-hundredth of the smallest dose used in allopathy for active principles whose presence in allopathic medicinal product results in the obligation to submit a doctor’s prescription. (8)

(Partly) Self-sustaining project

It is uncommon for individual practitioners to invest time, energy, and resources in medical research. In an exceptional situation; governed by his passion for research, Dr Shah has endowed his resources on new drug discovery research in two decades. The project of bioSimilia is designed to encourage more research in collaboration with the profession. The funds gathered through this project would be utilized for more research and the fruits of which will be shared with the profession.


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